Live @ Kids Expo 2012 Del Mar Fairgrounds

San Diego Kids Expo & Fair 2012

San Diego Kids Expo & Fair

Earlier today I played a 3-song set live at the Kids Expo 2012 at Del Mar Fairgrounds. This was my first live ever outside of my school’s yearly Christmas Show.

I was very excited going to this performance but after I started I realized that this wasn’t what I expected… 🙁 There were several vendor booths near the stage who started complaining that I was playing too loud and Mark kept turning my amps volume down throughout my performance.

People this is Rock and it’s got to be loud…

Anyways, thanks to Mark from Rock N Roll San Diego in Point Loma for inviting me to play at the Kids Expo. It was a learning experience of the kind of shows I rather not play again. 😉

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