Stefanos Alexiou – Day Tripper

After taking a couple months much needed brake, yesterday I decided to do a video on The Beatles classic “Day Tripper” which is one of my favorite songs from them.

However I wanted to do a very different and original version of Day Tripper, so here’s how it the story:

Rhythm Guitar for Day Tripper

Rhythm Guitar for Day Tripper

Started by playing the Rhythm Guitar…

Stefanos Alexiou - Drums for Day Tripper

Drums for Day Tripper

Then played the drums based on the rhythm guitar…

After that recorded the bass guitar, which I did on a regular guitar with the help of a POG2 pedal since I don’t have an actual bass guitar. 😉

Stefanos Alexiou - Lead Guitar for Day Tripper

Lead Guitar for Day Tripper

Finally I played the lead guitar for it and here’s where most of the originality happens…

By the time I finished recording all these 4 tracks (taking a video as it went), it got late and I was already exhausted but the final mix to the trucks had to be done prior to syncing the audio tracks to the video track for a YouTube upload.

During the mix some reverb was added to the rhythm & lead guitars and also to the overhead truck of the drums. Also decided to put the rhythm guitar track to the left side at 60% and the lead guitar to the right side at also at 60% for what sounded as a better audio effect during the mix.

So here’s the final result as it was uploaded on YouTube early this morning:

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