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You can’t resurrect something that never really died… Long Live Rock!

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The 411 on Stefanos

Stefanos born in June of 2000. He loves to play and make music with his guitar. His dream is to some day be on the same stage with one of his guitar idols and why not… take the torch and be the best guitar player in the world… Continue Reading

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The Bob & Coe Show

Some People Just Have It. This 12yr Old San Diegan HAS IT!

Check out 12 yr old Stefanos Alexiou rocking the Voodoo Lounge stage at House of Blues in Hollywood. He’s already had over 2 million views on YouTube and has been invited to be a regular for HOB’s “Kids Who Rock” shows! Congrats buddy!

– Jun 11, 2013

The Bob & Coe Show101 KGB - San Diego’s World Classic Rock Radio Station
Joe Nelson

The afternoon started off with Bob & Coe broadcasting from KGB/Aztec Village. Listeners were treated to a GREAT set by guitarist Stefanos Alexiou. This guy tore it up with his guitar and the fans loved it! I do see a bright future for him, and hope to see him perform again. And he is only 13!! By the way, he plays more than just guitar, he can play many more instruments as well! Check out some of his videos at Facebook
– Sep 01, 2013


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I can’t play guitar, but I sure can make it howl
– John Lennon

Stefanos Alexiou uses Marshall Amps
Stefanos Alexiou plays Gibson Les Paul guitars
Stefanos Alexiou uses Jim Dunlop guitar picks & pedals
Stefanos Alexiou wah pedal of choice is a Bad Horsey 2 (Steve Vai signature by Morley)
Stefanos Alexiou also plays Tama drums