Stefanos Alexiou – A Million Miles Away

Since I started playing guitar, 4 years ago, I’ve been asked to play something from Rory Gallagher, the man whom Jimi Hendrix once called as the best guitar player ever.

A while back I had made a video of the clean studio version of Rory’s “A Million Miles Away” played on one guitar over the original song as a backing track. That video was removed from YouTube almost as soon as it was uploaded thanks to Mr. Gallagher’s publishers.

A Million Miles Away (Dual Guitars & Drums)

Stefanos Alexiou - A Million Miles Away

Stefanos Alexiou – A Million Miles Away

This time, in order to avoid another video deletion, I added my own backing track by playing the drums, replacing the bass with a rhythm guitar and playing the lead guitar based on a mix of Rory’s several live performances and added my own flavor on the solos plus some volume swells for the intro.

During the final mix, the rhythm guitar was panned mostly to the left while the lead guitar solos & intro swells remained on both channels and made a bit wider.

The video remake of “A Million Miles Away” was uploaded on Youtube on January 16, 2014.

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