Some Important events in my young career as a musician, past performances and upcoming new performances.

Little Wing Video Shown on GuitarTV Fresh Talent
Woohoo! My “Little Wing” cover was broadcasted live worldwide yesterday July, 19th on Steve Vai’s project

It was included as one of the featured videos on its bi-monthly hourly “Fresh Talent Showcase” program. Thank you Steve Vai and your team for such an honor to showcase my video.

Did I mention that I was by far the youngest guitarist to be featured in the show? 😉

Thank You Joe Bonamassa!

Today I received a private message on my YouTube account from JoeBonamassaTV telling me that I did a good job on my version of “Little Wing” and that the video was added to Joe’s favorites. Needless to say that I’m beyond thrilled for this!

Here’s the video of my version to Little Wing influenced by SRV’s version!