Stefanos Alexiou - Can't You Hear Me Knocking (Dual Guitars & Drums)

Stefanos Alexiou – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

This Year for Christmas I got a record player and a few old vinyl records. Among them a couple records from The Rolling Stones which I’ve been listening on a daily basis. I especially love their “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” song so appropriately this would be my first cover song for 2014. The Making […]

Stefanos Alexiou - Train Kept A Rollin

Stefanos Alexiou – Train Kept A Rollin

As my last cover song for 2013 I wanted to do a classic that has influenced and played by many other musicians but still not very well known to most audience. I found what I wanted to play in the 1951 jump blues by Tiny Bradshaw “Train Kept A Rollin”. History & Credits As mentioned […]

Stefanos Alexiou - The Rain Song

Stefanos Alexiou – The Rain Song

Here in San Diego we rarely see rain throughout the year so when we got some much needed rain during the past few days, it inspired me to mellow down and cover Led Zeppelin’s “The Rain Song”. Initially I thought to even add some cello in it but I wasn’t happy with the way it […]

Stefanos Alexiou - No Quarter (cello bow solos added)

Stefanos Alexiou – No Quarter

For a while now I’ve been wanted to do a cover video of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” but I was holding up because of the known YT issues I’ve been having with their publisher. Last Friday I finally decided to do it by changing it quite a bit and here it is! How it Started […]

Rhythm Guitar for Day Tripper

Stefanos Alexiou – Day Tripper

After taking a couple months much needed brake, yesterday I decided to do a video on The Beatles classic “Day Tripper” which is one of my favorite songs from them. However I wanted to do a very different and original version of Day Tripper, so here’s how it the story: Started by playing the Rhythm […]